Sarah Huton Photography


Available from 300 per hour, per photographer.

Comprehensive full-day packages starting at 2950.

Contact me at or 519.591.6206 for a full list of product and service offerings.

Why I call it an investment

I understand that you are not only investing your trust and your money in my abilities, you're investing your time and energy in the process of creating stunning images. I think that's fantastic! As a wedding photographer, I want you to be interested in working with me from start to finish; sometimes with no effort from you as I capture candids, sometimes with direction as I guide you to set up a shot, sometimes cooperatively as we try out ideas or play and create together.

Even though I'm there for you throughout the day to capture moments and to help you feel comfortable as you have your photos taken, that's not enough for me. I love creating art that reflects the tone and style of each wedding and couple. It's my hope that you'll be as excited to collaborate with me on your shots as you are to see the final products. That's why I like to offer a free consultation, so I can sit down with each couple to make sure that we're the right fit for one another. If you're invested in the idea of having quality images from your day; ones that reflect your energy, emotion, and uniqueness, then we're set to have a lot of fun together while making some unforgettable memories for both of you.