Sarah Huton Photography

who I am

I am a wife and mom first and a photographer second. For this reason, I prefer to restrict the number of clients I choose to work with. After all, I am only one person and not a company that issues out a gaggle of shooters under its banner. By choosing to limit my client list, I am afforded time to meet with couples one-on-one until I get to know who they really are, without watching the clock or hurrying people out the door. I firmly believe that building real connections with people is paramount to creating images that accurately reflect the dynamic between couples. Those of you who know me would probably agree. I love my job; I could do it all day (and I do).

Photography first became a passion of mine during high school, when I started shooting weddings for friends. Although I am now a formally trained graduate of Fanshawe College's Applied Arts and Technology photography program, and have achieved my Licentiate Professional Photographer of Ontario (LPPO) designation, I'm most appreciative of the friendships I've made along the way.

I've since dabbled in sports photography, travelled from school to school taking portraits, shot for commercial brochures and ad campaigns, and had my work featured in magazine editorials and on covers. Having tried my hand at maternity, baby, boudoir and traditional portrait work, I'm still in love with couple photography and have chosen to specialize in capturing the bond between two people - no matter how romantic, subtle, wacky, classy or geeky they are.

my associates

The associate photographers who work alongside me include my husband, as well as some of my best friends who are also nationally accredited photographers working in the region.

On that note, I have no problem referring other professional photographers if there isn't a connection when meeting new couples. Being a member of the Professional Photographers of Canada has given me the opportunity to meet all kinds of pros (and some amateurs) who each bring their own unique voice and creative flair to a project. If I'm unavailable for a date, or you'd like to meet someone else because we might not be the perfect fit - just ask! I genuinely want each couple to feel that they have the best person to help them capture their special memories.